GraviLog, healthcare App… The Best App for pregnant women and obstetrics & gynecologist (EMR)

All you need during your pregnancy journey!
Advices, nutrition guide, avoid complications, monitor your health and your fetus health, and much more...

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Are you a pregnant woman?
GraviLog offers you a lot of great benefits

  • Nutrition
    Learn all about your Nutrition
  • Medication
    Know what Medication to take and what to avoid
  • Symptoms
    Help your doctor by documenting all your Symptoms
  • Calculator
    Use the Calculator to know your baby's birth day, ovulation and BMI.

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GraviLog on iPhone

I have used many pregnancy apps, but I was too lucky to use GraviLog since the beginning of my pregnancy, it was really of great personal wizard to me with its wealthy information, I was able to avoid different complications, I learnt a lot about my nutrition and never missed any drug due to the reminder alert. It is also awesome having my doctor monitor my health and my fetus health, this is amazing feature! In addition, I can get my medical tests results right from my smartphone. - Jamila Al-Anzi

At Arab Care Hospital, we have been searching for a computerized system mainly for Obs/Gyn to register and archive all pregnant visits, medications, medical test results, and we found a lot but they were complicated, not specialized and not free, but with the easiest and secured, GraviLog, it is a specialized system for us, obs/gyn and we are using and depending on it to create and save medical records for our patients, it is really great system, thank you very much! - Dr. Edwan Bargouthi, Arab Care Hospital

Finally, there has been an interaction between me, as a doctor, and my patients “pregnant women”, by using GraviLog. Not only this, but I no more need to spend much time explain stuff to my pregnant who use the GraviLog app, it gives them credible awareness about most of pregnancy stuff they need. One of the greatest feature is I have all my patients’ record right in my pocket, where I can log in from my smartphone or laptop, and provide the needed help to them. - Dr. Abdul Rahman Qiblawi, Harvard Hospitals

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