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3D - videos illustrating fetus inside pregnant’s belly.

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See how your fetus looks like in 3D photos! Photos are named by pregnancy week. You can see all 40 weeks images by downloading the “GraviLog” App.

Week 3: Fertilization and implantation

The egg and the sperm unite in one of your fallopian tubes to form a zygote. If more than one egg is released, they will be fertilized by the sperm and there will be more than one zygote.

Week 6: The head develops

Your baby’s brain and face develop rapidly. The nostrils and the eye lenses will begin to appear. The shell-like sections of your baby’s ear will start to shape.

Week 12: Heartbeat

Your baby weighs approximately 14 grams, and has reached around 5.4 cm in length. His developed muscles can now allow him to move. His heartbeats average 160 per minute, and are now audible using a Doppler. You can now notice his general facial features such as the tiny nose and the chin. Your baby can now yawn and swallow.

Week 16: Thumb sucking

Your baby now weighs approximately 80 grams, and measures around 11.6 cm in height. His ears will now relocate from the neck to the head, and he can now respond to stimuli on his cheek and suck his thumb. Your baby is emptying his bladder every 30 to 45 minutes. By this week, his genitals are well noticeable, and your doctor can perform an ultrasound to determine whether you are having a boy or a girl.

Week 20: More hair

Your baby now weighs approximately 300 grams, and measures around 16.4 cm in length. This fast growing baby will create more pressure on your internal organs such as your lungs, your stomach, your kidneys, and your bladder.

Week 23: Stronger kicks

Your baby now weighs approximately 500 grams, and measures around 29 cm in length. His body is becoming more and more proportionate.

Your baby is moving his fingers, toes, and arms regularly, and you can definitely feel his kicks by now. The ossicles in the middle ear are beginning to harden and the pigments responsible for his skin color are being released during this week.

Week 28: Response to light

Your baby now weighs around 1005 grams, and measures around 37.5 cm. His eyes and eyelashes are completely developed. If you shine a light towards your belly, your baby will open his eyes and turn his head towards it!

Week 32: Five senses developed

Your baby now weighs around 1.8 kg, and measures around 42 cm. All five senses are now developed. He now has grown fingernails, toenails, and eyelashes, and more hair on his head. More of the lanugo that covered his body during the first trimester is shedding off.

Week 37: Fully grown!

Your baby now weighs around 2.95 kg, and measures around 48.5 cm. In many babies, hair is covering the entire scalp at this time. Your baby can breathe and can make a strong fist. He can also respond to the light that you shine on your belly. You may have some vaginal discharges, and increased cervical mucus.

Week 40: Birth?

By birth, your baby can weigh anywhere between 3.4 and 4 kg, and can measure from 48 to 52 cm. He has now attained his largest size within your womb, and has very little free space around him.

Almost there! You can give birth any minute! However, if it does not happen now, it is not too late yet. You still have two more weeks ahead before you are considered post-term, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

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