About us


GraviLog app is the 1st of its kind solution for pregnant women and gynecologists! It is the application you have been missing and waiting for! Its health content has been fully developed and revised for accuracy and authenticity; hence, you can relax and keep smiling.

For Pregnant Woman

You are now equipped with all the necessary information related to your pregnancy from day one - even before you get pregnant!

GraviLog follows up with you on your weekly fetal development and provides you with great benefits such as trackers and calculators that allow you to follow-up with the development and changes related to you and to your baby.

GraviLog gets you familiar with the most common pregnancy complications, and provides you with tips on avoiding and minimizing the resulting symptoms and discomforts.

GraviLog is smart enough to know if your weight is within the normal range, or whether you are overweight or underweight. Accordingly, it provides you with appropriate diet and nutrition tips.

Medications (drugs) is one of the most important benefits of this app providing you with a list of the most commonly contraindicated medications during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding as well. Moreover, it is equipped with a medication reminder to make sure you never miss a prescribed dose.

GraviLog introduces you to the most common periodic pregnancy tests and medical checkups, and reminds you when each test is due.

Based on your location, you can look-up gynecologists from the online system used by the doctors in your area.

The app contains many more exciting features. What are you waiting for? Download now for FREE and discover how it will help you to have a safe and easy pregnancy!

For Gynecologist

From now on, you can access all your patients’ medical records anytime and anywhere, just with a click of a button. No more time wasted looking for paper charts or even hand charting! Now you have a user friendly online system that understands and speaks your language. You can easily document and archive your patients’ complete visits including their demographics, assessments, diagnoses, test results, and all health and medical related information. This is the most advanced, most secure, and updated medical record system that you are most welcome to use for FREE!

Our Team

We are a committed team of gynecologists, business, and technical professionals, who decided to build the first interactive healthcare application for use by both the pregnant women and their gynecologists, connecting them together online with the first of its kind solution. We have a combined practical experience of more than 80 years! We are up-to-date on medical and health information and research around the globe. On the technical side, we have a great team with a wealthy experience in building Smartphone apps and web systems, in addition to a dedicated team of graphic designers. We all work hard to produce great quality work, an app that you will absolutely love to use!

Dujana Qasim
Co-Founder & Customer Relationship Manager
Aisha El Allam
Technical Manager
Dr. Marwa Elbaghdady
Medical Advisor (Obs/Gyn)
Fadia Jaradat
Mobile Developer
Dr. Shukri Odeh
Medical Advisor (Obs/Gyn)
Aya Dar Omar
Social Media Marketer
Dr. Amjad Zaim
Strategy Advisor
Eusebiu Tamas