GraviLog is the first free Electronic Medical Record (EMR) dedicated for the use of obstetrics and gynecologists connected with your pregnant women for more care and total solution.

You can register and use the system for free to computerize your patients’ records and create their EMR. Using this system, means, you can have all your patients’ records right in your pocket and can access them through computer or smartphone anytime and anywhere if you have an internet connection.

Besides being a very user friendly, the system is protected and secured by the most advanced technologies to ensure no one can access your records but you.
So, from now on, you can archive and record all your patients’ visits and pertaining data such as medical and laboratory tests, many features to come.

The system is connected with a special App for pregnant women to provide her with fetus development week by week with 3D fetus images. The app “GraviLog” has lot of tools like fetus kicks daily symptoms where you can access the data she enters right from your system. To do this, please ask her to download the app (free) and sign in with an email address, then, you can search globally for her email and then add her to your patient’s list.

This solution was a result of winning a global competition at Mass Challenge, Boston, MA in United States where the app was medically designed under the full supervision of doctors from Harvard Medical School Hospitals and from the Arab world.

All you need now is to register and start using the system for free, it is very simple!

For more info, please contact us at or and we will be more than happy to serve you.