Terms of Use

1. Definition:

GraviLog application (App): means the application (App) specially designed for use by pregnant women which can be downloaded on Smartphones.

The website: means the website belonging to the company and to the application, which is www.GraviLog.com

The company: is the executing company and the owner of the application and the website.

2. GraviLog is Not an Alternative:

GraviLog application is considered as one of the applications offering medical and health information to pregnant women in a professional and scientific manner. However, the information provided through the application or the website is not, in any case, considered as an alternative to the medical doctor, the healthcare facility, the accredited scientific references, or resources and guidelines issued by the ministry of health in your country. GraviLog provides general information only, not customized information for each user. Thus, the user must seek consultation from a medical specialist or at an officially recognized healthcare facility. The user must, as well, seek medical consultation prior to considering any advice or information provided through the application or the website.

3. Limited Liability:

In cooperation with the most skilled medical doctors from the Arab and international hospitals, the company works hard and exercises all efforts to provide information of high scientific quality and high credibility thus, its responsibility is limited in providing information and is not responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of using the information contained in the application or website, and there is no guarantee that the application or website is free from errors or various medical viewpoints. We confirm once again that the information contained is general information and it is not permissible to take it and personalize it, as it is necessary to know all aspects of the person's medical and health and to make the necessary medical examinations and analyzes before giving her proper medical advice and this is the role of the treating physician or the medical center and not "GraviLog" application or the website, and thus the company disclaims its full responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of using the information.

4. Copyright:

All material provided through the application or the website – including, but not limited to textual information, fetus images or any other illustrating images, or videos – is owned by the company, and all copyright is owned by the company. Any reproduction, reprinting, or sharing of any part of the material is prohibited unless written consent is obtained from the company along with reference to the resource. The company reserves its right to claim compensation and/or file a lawsuit in the event of privacy or copyright violation. The fetal 3D images from the first week through the fortieth week, as well as the two 3D videos are images and videos owned exclusively by the company.

5. Privacy Protection:

5.1 Protection against external risk: Using the latest technology, the company strives to protect the privacy of the “GraviLog” application users whether pregnant women, or medical doctors using the website www.GraviLog.com. We do not publish users’ personal medical information, and we protect the confidentiality of medical information and medical records of pregnant women. As the company strives to ensure information protection, it does not guarantee absolute protection against hacking actions or loss of medical record information or archives pertaining to pregnant women or medical doctors, for security vulnerabilities and hacking actions may affect any establishment, and hacking actions have affected some of the greatest leading companies in the technical field, as well as notable governmental and international establishments, which indicates the difficulty of protection against hacking actions and against losses. However, using the most advanced programs and technological tools possible, we protect user information and confidentiality, and this is one of the company’s top priorities. Nevertheless, the company reserves the right to disclose user details if requested by court or juridical authorities and/or in the event where the terms of use have been violated by the user.

5.2 Collected and handled user information. This application uses Flurry Technology to collect data on how GraviLog users use the app. The information collected is non-personally-identifying like what model and type of device a user using, what language, date and time the app is set to, and what operating system is being used. More types of information may be collected such as age and gender for the purpose of statistical analysis and running market studies for the application.

To know about the Flurry’s privacy policy, visit https://policies.yahoo.com/us/en/yahoo/privacy/index.htm.

5.3 Advertising. The application communicates with Google AdMob API in order to provide personalized advertisement. AdMob uses data collection technologies to gather personal information for the specific and limited purpose of marketing products.

You can opt-out of interest-based advertising on mobile applications by checking the privacy settings of your Android or iOS device and selecting “limit ad tracking” (Apple iOS) or “opt-out of interest based ads” (Android).

For more information, look at the google privacy policy for personalized Ads: https://policies.google.com/privacy.

For any enquires on our privacy policies, please contact us at info@gravilog.com.

6. Abide By The Laws:

By using the application or the website, you agree to commit to the terms of use. Your commitment is considered as an independent agreement between you and the company, and signifies your complete and unconditional agreement with all the terms of use referred to. You should, as well, abide by the laws applied in your country regarding the methods of collection and use of medical information without any violations. You should also constantly review these instructions prior to browsing the application or the website in order to view the latest updates.

7. The Right to Update

The company reserves its right to change and/or update the terms of use at anytime and without the need to notify the users. The company is also entitled to add new services or terminate other current services at anytime without the need to notify the users. By using the application or the website, the user completely agrees with the updates and changes, and he/she is not entitled to file a lawsuit or to claim compensation for any resulting harm, losses, attorney fees, or other consequences as a result of utilizing a service or an information, or as a result of the termination of a current service, or the addition of a new service.