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Find a Doctor

Find a Doctor

The system enables you to look-up a gynecologist located near your area with the address and contact information necessary to call and schedule a visit.

Medical Record

The GraviLog app creates your basic medical record upon using the app for the first time. You can access your medical record anytime and update it whenever needed.

Medical Record
Daily Symptoms

Daily Symptoms

Out of the most common four daily symptoms, you can keep a daily record of the ones which you may be experiencing by checking them off a list with just a screen tap. The good news is that your doctor may have access to these symptoms so he or she can follow up with how you are feeling!

Doctor’s Visits

Your doctor will document in detail all your assessments, diagnoses, prescribed treatments, and medical and laboratory tests, all in one electronic medical record. However, if he or she is not using the system yet, this option allows you to keep record of symptoms and to take note of all issues that you wish to discuss in your next maternity visit. But it would be great to suggest the system to your doctor. It is free, and it guarantees a secure ondivne medical record!


Medication (Drugs)

This section includes three parts:

  • Medications contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Medications contraindicated during breastfeeding.
  • A Medication intake and a planner that reminds you of taking your medications on time.

Nutrition Guide

Recommended Total Weight Gain during Pregnancy according to Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI).

  • For a BMI <19.8 (underweight) – The recommended weight gain ranges from 12.5 to 18 kg (28 to 40 lb)
  • For BMI 19.8 to 26 (normal weight) – The recommended weight gain ranges from 11.5 to 16 kg (25 to 35 lb)
  • For BMI 26 to 29 (overweight) – The recommended weight gain ranges from 7 to 11.5 kg (15 to 25 lb)
  • For BMI > 29 (obese) – The recommended weight gain should be from 5 to 9 kg (11 to 20 lb)

Once you enter your height and your pre-pregnancy weight, GraviLog will calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Accordingly, it will immediately provide you with the nutritional tips appropriate for you.


Complications & Treatments

In this section, we introduce you to the most common pregnancy complications, along with recommendations on how to avoid, minimize, and ease the resulting symptoms and discomforts.

We will also educate you on true labor and false labor, and how to differentiate between them.

Last but not least, we will introduce you to the pregnancy warning signs that require immediate medical attention.

Quick Call

In the event of an emergency, Quick Call allows you to place a one tap hot call to any of the emergency contacts you have listed under this section.

Quick Call


These tools will enable you to keep track of the progress and development related to you and to your baby throughout your pregnancy.

These include:

  • A Weight Tracker
  • A Kick Tracker
  • A Contraction Tracker

Medical Tests

GraviLog introduces you to the most common periodic pregnancy tests, and is designed to remind you whenever each of these tests is due. It also offers you the great option of looking up the results online from the convenience of your home!

Medical Tests
Belly Gallery

Belly Gallery

A window in the App that enables you to take a snapshot of your belly (or any other picture you wish) once every month. The picture is then displayed on the main page. By the end of your pregnancy, you will have nine wonderful pictures. This will be fun!